Thursday, April 29, 2010

Got Chaos?

I've been seriously neglectful of my blog, I've been consumed (maybe over consumed) with life. Let's see, where do we begin? Well I think a big thing is that I've been having internet/computer issues for over a month now. I was able to blog in small bursts in my other blog ( but have been able to accomplish NOTHING here.

Wedding? Why yes, I am getting married! When? Ummmmmmmmmm. Anyone who has been married and opted out of running to the big V knows that planning a wedding involves an astronomical amount of decisions, let alone planning and that green stuff known as money. This also, isn't my first marriage so you would think I would be all for just eloping but I didn't get to plan that one (thanks mom) so I am all over this. It's definately not any easier since we are planning a destination wedding (laguna beach, CA) The details are coming out slowly but surely, ok pretty slowly.

Kids, we all know everyday is a blessing and everyday is uh interesting with our kids. My daughter is special needs (we'll get into why at a later time). We've started a very serious regimen of therapy. While going to therapy, it's so much more than that hour visit, there are so many things to work on outside of that time. My daughter also has been a very big client at our Dentist. She had 9 cavities to fill, yep that's right. Unfortunately with her meds when she was younger, they were chewable and filled with sugar, of course we were unaware of the effects every night we put her to bed after brushing her teeth, which after that she took her pills.

Kid activities, I am sure most moms can relate. My daughter has started her swim team prep to get ready for Swim Team which happens next week. My son started soccer (yep I guess I am a soccer mom but please don't ever say that to me, it may get ugly). SO that is Soccer on Mondays, Swim Team Prep on Tuesday and Thursday, Soccer games on Saturday.

What happens Wednesdays and Sundays? Well we've started our journey with church. When Adrienne was younger, I took her to church religously (no pun intended). Well we stopped going for a long time and I decided it was time to get back into it. We've been going on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. I'll go into why this journey was important for me to start again in another blog.

During the weekdays while my kids are at school, I help watch my baby nephew. I love him to death but getting anything done is impossible!

Buying a house, sounds great right? Suuuuureeee as long as you can meet all of the standards to get a loan, with no credit issues. Ugh, what a nightmare. We are currently living in a box, well not literally but it's 1300 sq feet and it's set up in a square. It's not set up for a large family and with 2 adults, 4 kids and 2 pets around, it's just a bit cramped. So while we wait for the house thing to get going, we are making the best out of what we have. I've taken on projects to "declutter" my life, I'll be posting these up in another blog as well.

We did the AZ Epilepsy Walk this month!! It was fabulous and we love helping out this foundation!

These are just the bullet points. I am going to work on time management and make my blogs a priority. I know I only have maybe a few readers but hopefully it will grow soon! Look for good stuff to come.

BTW, I'll be at Bloggy Bootcamp Phoenix this weekend, If you will be there, say hello! I know absolutely no one there, I'll be one of the shy ones but I am hoping to be motivated but some (if not all) of these awesome bloggers!