Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Go, Dog GO! Or sleep, just don't poop

Originally, this waas going to be a Wordless Wednesday post. But surely, this evening deserves a blog. The cute little furball above shall be named "Puppy" throughout this story.

Of couse, a normal Tuesday with picking up the kids from school and stopping by the store on the way home. On our way home, we all spot this cute little puppy who we hope is not going to come into the very busy street. However, that is exactly what puppy's intentions were. Gave me a heart attack I swear, millimeters from being hit from the right side of the road. I'm in turning lane, I park it and tell the kids to stay there and I run to stop traffic coming towards me (ya at this point I may have lost my mind) and luckily traffic stops as puppy happily runs across the street. I run after puppy, literally LUNGING and falling on my knees to grab him before he tries to run across again.

Puppy is in car and we drive down every street in the area, hoping someone is frantically looking for this cute little pup. We can't find anyone so we agree to take her (as we discovered when we got home) home. The agreement is as follows: We will take her home, post signs tomorrow and hopefully happily reunite her with her family. Everything shall be grand, I hope.

We get home and while this pup is so sweet and mild, when she is home she is her active self (I can only assume). I have the kids play with her out back as long as they can, taking her inside and out througout the night to let her go potty. Of course, she does not go potty but runs around like a happy puppy. When Star (our 11 year old dog) sees her, she is NOT happy. She's used to being an only dog, she does not want anything to do with this cute puppy. Puppy though, is excited jumping across, up, down and all around to play with her.

Kitty is not happy either (who is about 12 years old) and wants nothing to do with puppy. However, puppy is so excited to see Kitty and wants to play! Even getting swatted a couple times by Kitty. As the night draws to an end, Adrienne says "Well, luckily she has a home". I guess this was a good practice run and shows them that it's a lot of work when a new member joins the family.

So back to the image above, she is passed out on my sorted laundry for tomorrow. She looks peaceful and quiet, she will stay that way through the night right? Right?!

I've posted on a few pet finder sites and tomorrow we will put up signs. Hopefully we can reunite her with her family.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ A Windy Day

What do you do on a windy day in Phoenix? How about a trip to the park with kites, bubbles and a large stick?

*I've linked up at http://www.angryjuliemonday.com/
Check out her blog, she's not that angry ;-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ A Snow Holiday

(oh yes, he's in the air)

One Super Power......

I've been lacking on my every day posts, by a week and a half. UGH! It's been an eventful week including my house being broken into, but more on that another time. Have you ever played "If you could have one super power"? I'm sure everyone has been asked this fictional question for funsies at least once.

Some want invisibility, some one flying powers. If I could have one super power, it would have to be freezing time. I used to be addicted to the show Out of this World when I was younger. I mean how cool, you can put your two fingers together and everything stops! If I can't make more hours in the day then I would just make the world stop for me. I just find it impossible to accomplish everything I want and NEED to accomplish in a day.

While my super power wish is pretty much just a fantasy, I suppose I need to find another way to try and tackle everything. Am I trying to accomplish too much? Probably.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boxing up Christmas

I don't know why, boxing up all our Christmas items always makes me a little melancholy. I want to put it all up to get it out of my way but it's like boxing up happiness and not bringing it out for a whole year! I'll admit, I am a Christmas fanatic. Now I don't have any crazy grandma sweaters with Christmas Trees and Kittens on it but our house overflows with decor and Christmas music during the holiday season.

So maybe I am sappy, or maybe I just think its a major PITA to box all this stuff up. It's not only boxing it up it's having to organize everything and then pack it all away in the shed. Blah! I'll admit, it's a mixture of all of the above. It's saying goodbye to a year that has ended. It's putting away the Christmas memories of my 10 year old and 6 year old because next Christmas they will be a year older.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#CanYouTopThis Challenge ~ Adrienne's Fireplace

There is this challenge called the #CanYouTopThis Challenge that involved an Elmer's Tri Fold Board and my daughter came up with this entry all on her own. She didn't have any help from mom or anyone else, except I bought the board so I guess if she wins she owes me $3.00, Lol jk.

So here she is:

Hi my name is Adrienne Speckhals I am 10 years old and I made a fireplace with stockings. I used spray paint, markers and a board.

Here is where I am putting my entry