Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Super Power......

I've been lacking on my every day posts, by a week and a half. UGH! It's been an eventful week including my house being broken into, but more on that another time. Have you ever played "If you could have one super power"? I'm sure everyone has been asked this fictional question for funsies at least once.

Some want invisibility, some one flying powers. If I could have one super power, it would have to be freezing time. I used to be addicted to the show Out of this World when I was younger. I mean how cool, you can put your two fingers together and everything stops! If I can't make more hours in the day then I would just make the world stop for me. I just find it impossible to accomplish everything I want and NEED to accomplish in a day.

While my super power wish is pretty much just a fantasy, I suppose I need to find another way to try and tackle everything. Am I trying to accomplish too much? Probably.

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