Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mom's Out for the Count!

As a mom, there is nothing worse than being sick. Everything in the house just comes to a halt in and mom is just not functional. Today I was became hit with some type of stomach bug where I couldn't even stand, it was brutal. Luckily after a nap and some more hours in bed, I am feeling a bit better. But just for that short amount of time, I felt like I couldn't make things happen. I couldn't cook dinner so Brian had to get take out. I couldn't finish the projects I was working on earlier. I couldn't start the projects I wanted to. I couldn't get out of the house to do the errands I needed to.

I'm thankful it was short lived and I hope it's gone! I'm really praying the flu and cold germs skip our house this winter because it is hard when I'm sick but if we're all out of commission, it's even harder and I hate seeing my babies sick! But then it makes me think, I should have a plan in place for when I'm sick. Such as have a pre-made dinner in the freezer that easy to pop in the oven. I should also have my to do list written out so when I am sick, Brian can help me. I also need to get better about taking my vitamins and preventing sickness!

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