Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Comforts Me...then and now

A few months ago you saw a post from me about Brian losing his job. At one time, I viewed a job as comfort and security. At one time, I thought that having a job would mean the world would be right. Our world would continue to go around and everything would be great. It was definitely a wake up call when we were knocked on our hineys and having a job was in fact not what was our security. In fact, it was nothing to us all at that point.

As weeks went by we were brought back to a humble reality. Vacations, extra curicular activities and what once seemed to be important purchases were all frivolous and pushed to a further reality. We quickly realized how fast all of those things just didn't matter. What mattered was the little things. We focused on how we could spend time together as a family and how we could do the funnest things around for the least amount of money.

It's been a hard couple months with stress, worries and tears. But what brings comfort to me now isn't how much money we have in the bank. It's how lucky I am to be blessed with such an amazing family. I have 2 healthy, smart adventurous kids. It warms my heart to know that my kids and I can have fun bouncing through the fall leaves. We can lay around in our pajamas on a Friday and have a movie night.

This past Halloween, we carved pumpkins that we got for a few bucks and that was the highlight of our weekend. We created Halloween costumes for only a few dollars. It was more about the experience, not about the candy or the costumes. What comforts me is knowing my kids understand what it means to be genuine. What it means to be humble. What it means to be family. It brings tears to my eyes that I am so blessed with a fiancee who has been by my side through thick and thin. That my kids understand the true meaning of what family is, and what it means to stick together. It comforts me when my son earns his allowance and hands it to me saying it's okay, he doesn't need it. What comforts me, is love.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween ~ Pumpkins and Costumes