Monday, January 3, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 2010 and Not Looking Back!

When you call my grandmothers Voice Mail, at the end of it she cleverly says goodbye in a few different languages:

Auf Wiedersehen
Au revoir



This is how I feel when I think about 2010, see ya! It was an emotional year, I started it out with being laid off but we were able to keep our heads up. We did Disneyland in the Spring and then Brian and I went on a Cruise. In May I went to Bloggy Boot Camp here in Phoenix then traveled to NYC for Blogher in August. This past year I have had the fortunate opportunity to connect with new friends of whom I met online and have had the greatest time building relationships with people and brands.

Later in August is when Brian lost his job of 13 years and things just kinda tanked. It seriously seemed like everything had gone wrong. BUT, I refused to let it bring me down. I refused to give into the negativity and depression (I mean besides the occasional large bowl of ice cream). I know that many may reflect on 2010 and use it to preface their new year, not me. We're starting clean and we've got some positive stuff in the works. I am so glad to say, I am not looking back!

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