Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#CanYouTopThis Challenge ~ Adrienne's Fireplace

There is this challenge called the #CanYouTopThis Challenge that involved an Elmer's Tri Fold Board and my daughter came up with this entry all on her own. She didn't have any help from mom or anyone else, except I bought the board so I guess if she wins she owes me $3.00, Lol jk.

So here she is:

Hi my name is Adrienne Speckhals I am 10 years old and I made a fireplace with stockings. I used spray paint, markers and a board.

Here is where I am putting my entry


  1. You did a great job, Adrienne!! What a great addition to your holiday decorations!

  2. She did such a great job!
    Nice work, Adrienne :)
    Thanks for participating!

  3. Oh, watch out. Look at that fire. Too neat. Love the stockings as well. Good luck.