Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resoactoaltions!

I've always known that the New Years brings Resolutions. I mean, most people make them right? I've made a few in the past and they have worked out well. One year I lost 30 pounds by just comitting to eat better and working out more.

Well over the years I have also learned the controversy of Resolutions.

People Say:
"Don't make Resolutions, it's too much pressure to keep them. "

Okay then ~ No Resolutions

So what goes in place of those Resolutions? Well how about Actions?

People Say:
"Well if you make an action list, it's just a big list of to-do's. Besides, they aren't actions they are goals".

Okay then ~ No Actions

So no resolutions and no actions, we're onto goals.

People Say:
Well goals are just desires, the true word is intentions. What do you intend on doing this year, not what do you want to do."

Oh what the hell, can I just have my resolutions, actions, goals and intentions all lumped into one? Well I say I can by making up a new fancy word: Resoactoaltions!

I think if anyone has the motivation to make any Resoactoaltions, they should call it whatever they want. So here we go, my Resoactolations for 2011:

Be more organized: I am pretty sure I start out with this resolution every year as Christmas wraps up and I feel like I am drowning in clutter, papers that I've thrown on my desk over the past month because I have been too busy to look at them and the toys in my kids room which I swear are starting an army to take over the house because there are so many.

Lose Weight ~ Okay, is this one not on like 60% of women's Resoactoaltions list? And we can blame this one on Christmas too. Because if it wasn't for these blasted sugar cookies, fudge, pie and other goodies that we make or have around the house we would not be feeling like a big fat blog.

Be More Active ~ So this is my solution to goal number 2. It's funny, when I was watching my baby nephew I was so much more active I actually made time to hike and get to the gym. Now? I blame it all on um something that clearly isn't my fault.

Work on THIS Blog! My other blog has grown and I have neglected this little baby right here! Even if it's just a quick one, I'll do my best to blog everyday. Crap did I really just say that? I swear I'm gonna try!

Make More Money ~ I plan on continuing to put my skills and talents to good use and utilizing them to monetize.

Grow my idea of a Bake it Forward Project to an action ~ More details on this one soon!

My ultimate plan to make all this happen is hod myself accountable with a journal and by blogging about it I know I can make these Resoacotlions happen!

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