Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm a Penny Pincher and I'm voting YES on Prop 100!

Yes on 100
Okay here is my disclosure, I am in no way a political blogger. However, I feel I should encourage my fellow Arizonans to vote Yes on Prop 100 Tuesday May 18th (today).

What is Prop 100?
In short: A proposed 1 cent tax increase through 2013. The tax increase will raise state revenues for primary and secondary education, health and human services and public safety.

Go HERE for the full version.

Where do you vote? Click HERE to find out!

Why I am voting YES!
I am voting yes so my kids have a fair chance at a better education. Not only do they need a better education for their future, but for mine too! Our children will be the ones making the decisions in the world in our future, I want to make sure they also have the opportunity to have a good education.

Not only is this supporting education, it is supporting our public services such as the Police Dept. and Fire Dept. I like knowing that I am keeping our safety officers employed, helping keep me and my family safe!

So with that my friends, I encourage you to vote YES!

My argument for not voting no (or for voting yes):
*Voting no to go against Governor Brewer because of SB1070~ It doesn't make sense to punish our children because of the bills that she has approved.
*Voting no because it's a broken system ~ you know, that is right. It is a broken system and it is not an ideal solution, but a solution none the less that will benefit our kids.
*Voting no because it is a 1 cent tax increase ~ I'm a penny pincher, I understand the desire to not pay more money in taxes. It really comes down to voting yes for our state, we can all be effected in different ways. You may know someone personally that could be effected (either your child or a public service worker). I know a teacher who does not have a job next year if this does not pass.

Please, get out and vote today.Show your support on facebook here:

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