Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Day in Photos

Baby Ethan
Cute ain't he? Ya he's not mine, this is my nephew I help watch while my SIL works. So every day I start with a cute little snuggle before we spend our day together.

Coupons, no day of mine is really complete without them. Here is the coupons I cut before heading off to the grocery store.

Every Tues and Thursday is Swim Team Prep for my daughter Adrienne

Tyler and I hang out while Adrienne does her swimming

No this is not in the wrong place, I do in fact drink coffee in the evening. It's my second wind before blogging.

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  1. Hi Sara - thanks so much for joining in! It's been great to check out your blog, and your photos. I'm a big evening coffee drinker too, and was devastated when our local Starbucks closed. And I am loving the photo of the pool - how nice to have swimming class as the sun sets. Sadly in Australia we don't have coupons... I don't know why, but it's probably just as well as my hubby is obsessed with getting a bargain! I'm going to go and checkout your 'Super Saving Sense' blog now. Hope you can join us for 'My day in photos' again next week.