Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 Favorite Family Time Ideas

These are my favorite family time ideas:

  1. Wii ~ Love playing games like Lego Starwars and Toy Story 3.
  2. Puzzles and Boardgames ~ We love to get around the table to do puzzles and games together.
  3. Camping ~ We like to get outdoors where we can disconnect from technology. Fishing and swimming in the lake are a lot of fun with the kids.
  4. Swimming ~ It's hot in AZ and we love to cool off.
  5. Movies ~ Lounging around and watching a movie with some popcorn is a great way to unwind on the weekend.

About LEGO®:

The LEGO Group is a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The company is still owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family who founded it in 1932.

The LEGO Group is engaged in the development of childrens creativity through playing and learning. Based on the world-famous LEGO brick, the company today provides toys, experiences and teaching materials for children in more than 130 countries. The LEGO Group has approximately 8,000 employees, and it is the worlds fifth largest manufacturer of play materials.

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