Tuesday, August 17, 2010

5 Important Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

As my kids get older, I wonder why they haven't learned some important lessons by now. Such as:
  1. Do not put your toys in the toilet. The toilet is not a pool for your boat or your spider-man action hero. Nor will they make it to the ocean in an attempt to flush them there. Please keep bathtub toys to bath tub time.
  2. Do not hit your brother or sister. Hitting your sibling, then saying you did so because there was a bug on them does not fly with mom. Nor does saying it was because you saw a VW or giving them a "hurts donit". Love eachother because in the end, family is all you have.
  3. Do not attempt to bathe the cat with the water hose. The cat may retaliate in ways you do not want to see. What the cat would love is some gentle pets and an occasional treat. Treat others how you want to be treated.
  4. Pick up your toys after every use. Because if mom stubs her toe on one or trips because of one, it will not turn out well for anyone in the house. It also prevents them from getting taken away or taking a trip to the dumpster. A clean home is a happy home.
  5. Have Fun! Being a kid may seem hard, but have fun and love it all you can while you are still young!

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