Monday, June 7, 2010

Manic Monday ~ My Balancing Act of Motherhood This Week

I try really hard to not over-commit to things as I have been known to take too much on. Well the week had barely started this morning and I was already in tears by 9:00 A.M. In an hour I woke everyone up, made breakfast, made lunches,applied sunblock to kiddos, filled waterbottles, got everyone dressed, remembered to get myself dressed, picked up my baby nephew, saw my daughter off to camp, took my son to his rec camp, got a call that my daughter was not appropriately dressed for camp, went home to find her clothes then ended up at a mindless coffee session with my friend that started with tears.

This week I will be:

Watching my baby nephew,Taking my Son to Rec Camp daily,Taking my Daughter to horse camp daily,Taking my Daughter to Swim Team practice daily, attending 2 doctor appointments, going to my daughters Swim photo shoot, church on Wed, swim meet on Thursday and hoping to get out of town by Friday. This of course is the "readers digest" version.

How do moms of many kids or kids in a lot of activities do it? Even better, how do blogging moms that have all of this going on manage to get blogs in?

I'm feeling overwhelmed and ready to nap before it's even noon. I am lucky to have Brian help me out when he can but since he travels for work, it's hard to juggle it all myself.

I'll do it, it can be done this is just my self pity party for today. I guess lucky that baby E will nap for about an hour allowing me to either clean or blog, today it's the blogging that makes me feel better. And yes, it could be worse, I've been a full time single mom before, I can do it part time for now.

I am desperately seeking a clone, if you know of where I can find one please let me know.

-Sara, living in the land of Chaos


  1. You really want to know how to do it? Happy hour at 10 am. Really. I think that's the answer. Seriously, it's just not easy. I feel like the chauffeur half the time. And don't get me started with what it costs in gas money to do all this darned driving!

  2. Yeah ... I remember those days. My kids are older so life is much easier now. I'd say ... give yourself chance to adjust to the new schedule, don't be afraid to ask for help - are there any moms in swim or horse-riding you could car pool with? If not, could you find a college student would could help out? Then, maybe this is too late for now but be realistic about the activities you schedule for your kids. You have needs too and it's important to allocate some of your time to those.