Monday, June 14, 2010

Help for a Blogging Mentor

If you are a blogger more than likely, you have a Mentor. Someone successful in writing in the "Blogosphere" that you look up to and hope to be as successful as one day. One of my mentors is Melissa @ She rocks the money saving posts!

Recently, I had the honor of meeting her @ Bloggy Bootcamp and she is one of the sweetest people out in the "Blogosphre" (in my opinion).

That’s me on the right and Melissa is on the left.

While she was at work today, Melissa's house had flooded and everything her and her family owned (including her recently purchased home) is ruined. Her family is safe and that is the good thing, but starting over is never easy physically, emotionally and financially.

Check out what Monica over at Mommy Brain is doing to help raise money for Melissa and her family here:

If you can donate anything, please do so. Also, please pass this link along if you can. Thanks so much!

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