Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big 3-0 ~ Happy Birthday to Me!


It's official, I am 30 years old. Do I feel any different? Um, no I do not. I remember thinking in my late teens that I knew by the time I was 30, life would be over. Back in my partying days where stayin up till 4 AM was the norm and going "clubbing" was an everyday thing. When birthdays were a big deal and I couldn't wait until I turned 21.

Birthdays are now "forgettable" and just another day. Does anyone really make a big deal out of "adulthood" birthdays? I was feeling like I should plan a big "event" for my 30th birthday, I mean this should be a big deal right? If you are a mom, you know planning anything for yourself is nearly impossible. Sometimes birthdays can be fun even as we grow older. But I am not old, my life is not over. It's just um, different. In fact, tonight I am staying up all night long, pulling an all nighter! See I am not old! I could do this! I wish that I had some really great reason to stay up, and well I do but it's not so glamorous.

I'll be starting my birthday festivities at 2 AM. I will be waking up my 10 year old. I know, excitement just became shock. When I wake her up we will be celebrating by watching movies, playing video games and making cupcakes. It might not be glamorous but good quality girl time is awesome. Why 2AM? She is having an EEG done at the hospital at 7Am. She must be sleep deprived with only 4 hours of sleep. I know staying up all night and spending a birthday with a sleep deprived child is ideal for everyone, but I couldn't imagine better festivities.

After the EEG we will be enjoying some breakfast and then coming home to sleep. Really, it's gonna be a pretty good day.

We're praying for some good news, please keep her in your thoughts!


  1. Happy Birthday to you.

    I love my birthday and I hope I always do. I do try to do something a bit special or memorable - sometimes that involved having one of my favourite dishes for dinner and a glass of nice wine.

    It's all about your attitude towards it and you have such an amazing attitude by the sounds of this post.

    I love the way you have taken the EEG which can be scary and are using the sleep deprivation as an oppotunity to do something fun with your daughter. I think we tend to remember the best parts of our life and I'm sure in the future she'll remember you staying up watching DVDs and making cupcakes with her.

    I'll be thinking of you - I hope you get the good news your family deserves.

    Have an awesome birthday and enjoy making more happy memories.