Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I survived Girl Pandamoneum, The Allergy Monster and the Bad News Bear

So last week was quite a busy one with a lot of chaos. I really don’t blog on my personal blog enough. It’s not for the fact that I believe no one really reads this blog but I just don’t have time. With this week’s events, I thought surely I have got to blog all of this chaos. So here I am, letting you see a sneak peek into my world.

It all started a couple months ago, when I received a deal alert for $10.00 concert tickets with no fees. What?! This deal fanatic can’t pass up something that good. Imagine my disappointment when the only thing in Phoenix was Jonas Brothers. Hmmmm. At that time, my daughter was 9. She isn’t the biggest Jonas fan, in fact her love for them is pretty minimal. She will tell you her favorite band is the Beatles and she really isn’t into the “tween” bands. I’ll be honest, this warms mom’s heart because I’m not into them either. But I decided to buy a few tickets, give her a chance to experience a concert where I know there will be no illegal activity, foul language and a bunch of angry teens pushing eachother. I’m okay with her experiencing this, but let’s just push that back a few years shall we? So I buy the tickets, thinking she’ll bring a friend. I gave them to her on her birthday in August and asked her to invite a friend. After repeatedly asking her if she will invite someone, I never got an answer.

Well my welcome to Tween-hood came on the day of the concert around 2:30. Phone Rings:

“Mom, can “friend” come to the concert?”

I don’t know honey, I would have to talk to her mom, please have her call me.”

I hang up the phone and think, well nothing like waiting till the last minute. Phone Rings:

“Hi, this is “friends” mom, the girls told me to call.”

“Yes, Adrienne has a ticket to Jonas Brothers, would Allie like to go? She can come as long as you are okay with her coming in late.”

“You mean, like to school tomorrow?”

“Umm well I meant to your house but if you want her to spend the night, that’s okay.”

“Oh ya, that’s fine let’s do that.”

I’m now thinking, did this mom just pawn her child off on me? Hmmmmm. At this point, she is now giving me the list of 100 things her daughter can not eat. Okay kids, change of plans for dinner, Mcdonalds it is. I’m also thinking well, I am sure that my daughter proposed this as a package deal of spending the night as well so I think I just got suckered again. Great, the house is a mess and that 1 hour nap I had planned on doing before enduring the heat at an outdoor concert with screaming girls is now cancelled. I’m now rushing around to do a quick clean up so my daughter is not embarrassed when I walk in her room and it’s a disaster. Mom is suckered again because daughter knows she can not have friends over with a messy room. Sigh.

So on to the Jo Bros concert. I will say, it was not that bad. My dislikes of the concert actually surrounded Disney. Why Disney thinks a late night concert on a school night is a good idea is beyond me. Not to mention they played at an outdoor venue. WHO thought that would be a good idea in the AZ summer really needs a job change. I thought the show was good, for the age group and I think the girls had fun. I got used to the screaming as soon as we sat down and realized it was non stop. These little girls were crazy, some were jumping fences! I mean like 7 year olds. It was crazy and my confession here is that I actually bought a $14.00 margarita. I had to, I really did.

After surviving the Jo Bros, the next day I treated myself to some Sushi. Some people say God has a sense of humor. I like to think he had that when he decided what I would be allergic too. Growing up, I thought I was blessed. Not a single allergy. That was until the day my little sister acquired Guinea Pigs. I developed asthma and I would not dare hold one because everytime I did, I ended up in the hospital. Hey I was a teen, it took me a couple trys to figure out what the deal was. The bad news with that was I had to share a room with these dang rodents until I moved out at 18. 2 years of pure hell.

In my adulthood I developed an allergy to pineapple. But the funny thing about that is I can have pineapple flavoring or even better, cooked pineapple .But if it is raw pineapple, forget it. My tongue breaks out in hives and it sucks. The last allergy I have I actually figured out this year. Cuttlefish. What the hell is a cuttlefish anyways, right? Well one day while enjoying some sushi like I always did, I decided to try something new. Mistake. The allergy took over with watery eyes, swollen throat and itchy skin. Well quickly my memory fades because 2 months later (which was this week). I had the same roll not knowing or remembering that Cuttle Fish was in there. I got to spend my one day off itchy and miserable, waiting for benadryl to take over so I can sleep it off. Luckily, I survived.

After a medicated nap and an evening at church, we received a call and it was some bad news. Nothing I will actually tell you guys about but it really, really really sucked. I think the hardest part about being an adult and receiving bad news is having to be the one to figure it all out and carry that happy face so the kids have no idea there is something wrong. After thinking about it and coming up with some solutions, we’re moving on. We’ve swallowed the big ass pill and we’re moving on. Because really we have no choice.

So with all this chaos, it really just makes my life so much more interesting and well it gives me something to blog about.


  1. Hi Sara,

    I'm not surprised you needed a margherita! That sounds like hell for your ears. Can you still hear them? I'm sure we did this to my Mum when we were kids too - telling them they could stay! When we have kids I'm going to be due a hard time after giving my parents such as stress!

    I'm allergic to pineapple too - I only developed it in my early 20s. Guinea Pigs give me asthma too - but rabbits are much worse, I can't be in the same room as a rabbit (although I can eat rabbit which makes me feel much better!). I also get asthma when I eat raw onion - what is that all about!? Other than that I escaped so far without a terrible allergy.

    I hope you have reached a solution to your bad news.

  2. Thanks Jade! I was singing Jonas Brothers songs in my head for days. It was torture! That is funny we are both allergic to pineapples and guinea pigs. You are with rabbits how I am with Guinea Pigs. I can be in the same room, touch nothing and be 10 feet away and start having a reaction after 1 minute. Thanks for your kind words!