Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday ~ Climbing that Hill

I recently took my 1 year old nephew to the park to capture some 1 year photos. The mission proved hopeless in about 5 seconds out of the stroller. This boy just wanted to run around and have fun!

I then thought, well I could turn this into a wordless Wednesday post.

Baby Ethan started up a hill and my initial thought was "oh this could be bad", but I let him venture up this hill.

As he walked up the hill, just so excited, I thought about his mission. At that moment his mission was to climb that hill. He fell down a few times, he laughed it off and got back up and hiked up to the top. When he got to the top he was so excited. He looked back at me with that excitement of "Look what I did!". He then ran down the hill and onto a new mission.

This photo opp now had me reflecting on my own life. What was my "hill" that I was trying to climb. How many times have I fallen? How excited would I be to finally accomplish that mission? Right now, I actually have a few hills. From my losing weight mission to the balancing act of parenting/school/work etc mission and some personal battles I am dealing with these are all hills I am working to climb. I get pretty stressed out sometimes and feel like just throwing my arms in the air and saying "Forget it!" (but probably with an obscenity or two in there). I often get frustrated thinking that my "hills" are just too high to climb.

Baby Ethan had me look at life, just a little differently.

Life is about climbing that hill!

Life is about new experiences, scary or not.

Life is about having fun!

Life is about resting when we are exhausted from climbing that hill.


  1. He is so cute! I love the swing picture, he looks so happy.

  2. one is such a fun age.....I loved when my son was one.